Equipment Kit KOUS-DPK-DLK-ORE


  • Allows independent metering of produced gas;
  • Enables dual injection of corrosion or hydrate inhibitors through chemical injection valves;
  • Provides temporary communication between the annulus and each of the tubing strings;


  • Chemical injection mandrels KI;
  • Circulating subs KCP;
  • Axial mechanical set packer PM-R;
  • Axial mechanical set packer PVM-O (F);
  • On-off sealing connector RK-S (U);
  • Release joint P-B;
  • Re-entry guide V;
  • Re-entry guide with a pumpout plug.

Request info

Casing size (in / mm)
7 / 177.8
Equipment size
OD (in / mm)
5.984 / 152
ID (in / mm)
3.9/2.4 / 100/62
Working pressure, psi
Due to continuous improvement of packers, anchors and other downhole tools, applicable specifications and descriptions may not be complete.
* Differential pressure ratings — 7252 psi; 10150 psi.
Working temperature ratings 266 °F, 302 °F, 338 °F.
Higher performance assembly available for hostile environments - K2 Model.
Optional premium gas-proof threads are available on request.
Other sizes of the assembly are available on request.
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