Formation isolation valve KO-ZP

Formation isolation valve KO-ZP

Main Features and Benefits

  • Installed into the collar of the RK-S (Z) On-Off Connector;
  • RK-S (Z) on-off connector enables disconnection of the tubing string from the packer assembly and serves as a landing nipple for the KO-ZP valve;
  • Pressure actuated opening and closing;
  • Multiple open-close cycles;
  • KO-ZP valve retrieval is accomplished with wireline or coiled tubing;
  • Tool's components are plated or coated with phosphate.


  • Pump-operated wells utilizing artificial lift method.


  • * Differential pressure ratings — 5076 psi; 7252 psi; 10150 psi.
  • Working temperature ratings: 266 °F, 302 °F.
  • Higher performance valve available for hostile environments – K2 Model.

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