Side pocket mandrel KS

Lift Mandrel KS

Main Features and Benefits

  • Eccentric side pocket offers full tubing drift ID;
  • KIGS chemical injection valve and PG dummy valve are placed in a side pocket mandrel and retrieved with slickline.
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  • Natural flow production or gas lift production;
  • Dual (multiple zone) injection;
  • Chemical injection;
  • Well interventions requiring communication between the tubing and the annulus.

Request info

KS-NKT 73-60-35 K1
Casing size (in / mm)
5 ¾ / 146.1
Mandrel size
Maximum height (in / mm)
4.57 / 116
Maximum width (in / mm)
3.85 / 97.8
ID (in / mm)
2.362 / 60
Connection* (in / mm)
2.875 NU / 73.03
Length, in, no more than
Weight, lbs, no more than
Working Pressure, psi
Sealbore Diameter to Accept Injection Valve, Dummy Valve and Circulating Valve, no more than (in / mm)
1 / 25.4
Maximum Joint Strenght of the Mandrel, lbs, no more than
Maximum temperature, °F
266 **
* Optional box and pin thread connections are available.
** High-temperature (+150°С) model of the valve is available on request.
Higher performance valve available for hostile environments – K2 Model.
Other sizes of the valve are available on request.
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